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This information and application is being provided to you as we believe that you have an interest in performing at the 2019 Adobo Festival. By completing and submitting this application, you are agreeing to perform without compensation. This means that you are donating your time and services and that no money will be paid.


The application process begins when you return this form. This application needs to be emailed backed to no later than June 30, 2019 in order to be given consideration. You must send the application back together with your picture / group picture (to be used for posters, flyers, etc.). If we do not receive the contract with your picture at the given date, that means you are not interested and will not be followed up.


The organizers will send you a confirmation letter with the date and time assigned to your group by July 25, 2019. Please note that groups and stage time of performance will be given preference based on date of submission, previous experience, and appropriateness for this event, as well as compliance with the guidelines. No group is considered “Confirmed” until signed agreement is returned to our office.


The 2019 Adobo Festival is a 2 day format. The dates are August 3 -4, at 101 N Main St. between Windsor Dr. in Milpitas. The festival will be open from 11am – 7pm.


The 2019 Adobo Festival is a family oriented event. As such while music/lyrics with swearing and a message which encourages or condones violence, sexual harassment, sexual innuendos, use of drugs, degradation of persons due to race, gender, etc. are prohibited.  Please take this into consideration as to whether this venue is the one that will meet your needs as well as those of the event.


The stage is an outdoor stage with a canopy cover and bleachers for the audience. We will provide the sound system, iPod connectors, mics and drums. You will need to bring your own guitars and wares as well as your amplifiers. Kindly bring extension cords and extra mic cords just in case you need more than what we have provided. Due to past bad experiences, we will no longer honor CD’s or DVD, Karaoke’s nor provide a CD player for all performers. Instead, performers should bring their own iPods / iPads / iPhones or mp3 players with their back tracks in it.


​All solo performers will be limited up to 2 songs and groups/ bands will be limited up to 3 songs in order to be fair and accommodate everyone. Since Adobo Festival’s goal  is to  celebrate Filipino Food & Music, this year, we require each performer (solo & groups) to play even one Tagalog song.  


Any props, costumes, instruments must be able to be hand-carried into the fairgrounds. If your group has a lot of equipment, please make sure that you allow plenty of time in the event that you need to make more than one trip.  There is a changing close to the stage area, if you are in need of that accommodation.


You will be required to check in with the stage manager thirty (30) mins. prior to your scheduled performance. Please have your group prepare to take the stage promptly at your scheduled performance time. Remember, in consideration of other scheduled performers, you will not be allowed to perform past your scheduled performance time.  


Free sandwiches & water will be provided for the PERFORMERS only. After your performance, you will each be given a food ticket which you can claim on the designated food booth.


Admission and parking to the festival is free so invite all your family and friends.


If you have any questions about any of this, please feel free to contact Maite Camins at (650) 290.4457 at your earliest possible convenience.


Thank you for considering sharing your gifts and talents with the Filipino community.


JSCamins Productions

650.290.0542 / 650.290.4457